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When online dating sites began to split off to address specific demographic groups, one of the earlier groups focused on was the black community. Black Datelink is one of the many sites that evolved specifically to address the need for online dating sites for black singles. If you are black and interested in dating, click below to visit Black Datelink.

Black Datelink
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Soul Singles

Soul Singles is one of a larger network of ethnically focused online dating sites, and as such it brings an authenticity to the site that is lacking in other sites. Also, the choice to use Soul in the name is due to an understanding that the black community is comprised of a variety of individuals, so the site wanted a name that conveyed inclusivity. If interested, click below to visit Soul Singles.

Soul Singles
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Black Chat City is a bit unique among the sites listed on this page, in that it has a focus on connecting black singles via chat, although expected dating features are also available on the site. Since the first step to getting to know someone is to chat with them, why not here? Browse profiles. Enjoy local live chat. Meet local black singles by clicking Black Chat City below.

Black Chat City

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Afro Introductions is one of many sites focused on connecting black singles online. While each of the sites listed here have that in common, each site also has it's own look and feel, it's own features and it's own memberbase. If you like the look of the site, click below to visit Afro Introductions.

Afro Introductions
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Black Dating Connexion is, like many niche dating sites, part of a larger network of sites providing the benefit of a larger number of members. Of course, in this site the members are black singles interested in dating. If this site looks interesting, click below to visit Black Dating Connexion.

Black Dating Connexion
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African American Passions is part of the Passions Network network of 260+ niche dating sites, with members able to join individual sites that match their passions. This site is obviously focused on the African American community with all the features expected in a mainstream dating site, along with a unique 'Black Groups' section allowing members to highlight their personal passions. Click below to visit African American Passions.

African American Passions

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    Guess what, there are dating sites for just about everyone now, and no surprise, that includes Black singles dating sites. Online dating began many, many years ago with larger 'one-size-fits-all' type dating sites like MATCH.COM, but over time a large number of highly targeted niche dating sites evolved to connect members in specific areas or who share areas of interest.
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    While online dating was not that popular (long ago), it has become a standard way for people to meet now. Due to busier and busier schedules and a wide variety of ever changing online dating sites, more singles than ever are signing up and trying various dating sites. If you haven't yet, now is your time!